Agealube Eco Diesel:
ultra clean action and
always starts

Agealube Eco Diesel is a clean diesel fuel that reduces local emissions so that you and those in your surroundings breathe in significantly fewer harmful substances. It keeps engines cleaner and has a long storage life which means your machine will always start, even if it has stood still for a long time! What’s more, it means your work is virtually odourless and environmentally responsible because the fuel is made from renewable resources.

Eco Diesel Green

Agealube Eco Diesel Green is the solution if you want to work cleanly with your diesel machine, without compromising on quality. The diesel is made from 100% renewable raw materials and provides a CO2 reduction of 89%. Doing good for the environment has never been so easy.

List of benefits:

  • Fewer harmful substances
  • Better engine performances
  • Less odour and smoke
  • Suitable for leaving in the machine for long periods
  • Sure starting
  • Keeps engines clean
  • Made from 100% renewable resources
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 89%

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Agealube Eco Diesel Grafiek

For all diesel engines

Agealube Eco Diesel complies with the highest demands placed by engine manufacturers, it is suitable for use in all diesel engines and can simply be used in conjunction with regular diesel. In other words, mixing it will have no impact on the operation of the machine. The engine does not need to be modified in any way. This makes Agealube Eco Diesel perfect for use as a so-called storage diesel in machines that are only used in season or incidentally, such as emergency generators.

Earth moving equipment

Earth moving often involves large machinery that consume considerable amounts of diesel. A fuel that reduces CO2 emissions can therefore make a significant difference.

Garden and park machinery

With sit-on lawnmowers, mini excavators and track barrows, it is usually unavoidable for the user to inhale exhaust fumes. Clean diesel fuel reduces the risks to health.

Paving machinery

When operating machinery such as vibratory plates or mini bulldozers, it is usually unavoidable for the user to inhale exhaust fumes. Clean diesel fuel reduces the risks to health.

Agricultural machinery

For compact and large tractors which use large amounts of diesel, a clean diesel fuel with a long storage life offers obvious advantages. It can also greatly reduce CO2 emissions.

Generators and compressors

Generators, compressors and emergency power units are not used every day and often stand still for long periods. A diesel fuel with a long storage life means sure starting.

Scissor lifts and forklifts

In construction and industry, there are workers who operate this type of machinery every day. They need to be properly protected against harmful emissions.

Diesel heaters

A diesel heater warms enclosed areas, in many cases where people are at work. It is crucial for their health that the diesel fuel used for this purpose is as clean as possible.

Clean air for you and your surroundings

Agealube Eco Diesel significantly reduces emissions of soot and smoke because it is composed of pure hydrocarbons. It is practically free of aromatics, olefins, sulphur, nitrogen and metals. Depending on the engine type and the load, more than a third of these harmful emissions can be reduced. It is better for the health of the user and the people in the surroundings, and better for the environment.

Better for engines

As Agealube Eco Diesel burns more cleanly than ordinary diesel, valves, injectors and pistons stay clean. This is beneficial to the performance of the engine. In addition, cleaner combustion means less maintenance, breakdowns and wear, increasing the lifespan of the engine.

  • Fewer deposits on engine parts
  • Clean injectors
  • Less maintenance
  • Outstanding performance, even at low temperatures
  • No problems caused by bacteria growth
  • Less soot build-up in the engine oil

Different from regular diesel

Agealube Eco Diesel significantly reduces harmful exhaust fumes. There is another important difference though. With regular diesel at the pump a bio-component is added. Among other things, this limits storage life because it increases the chances of ‘water’ and bacterial growth in the fuel tank. Agealube Eco Diesel, on the other hand, is produced completely synthetically and does not have this problem; however, it is just as bio-degradable and sustainable too.

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Work sustainably and reduce your CO2 footprint

Agealube Eco Diesel gives companies the chance of reducing their ecological footprint, also known as the CO2 footprint. By performing the same activities with Eco Diesel Green, you reduce your CO2 emissions by more than 89%. The fact that Agealube Eco Diesel is made from renewable raw materials means it is a sustainable product.

Buy Agealube Eco Diesel

Agealube Eco Diesel is sold at your local Agealube outlet in 10L and 20L jerry cans. In addition, Eco Diesel is available in 200L barrels and 1000L containers fitted with a pumping system. Enquire at your Agealube outlet for pricing and delivery information or call us directly on +31(0)24 675 43 61.

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