Industrial machines and equipment

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other companies in the manufacturing industry are often seeking very high-quality, special lubricants. Agealube specialises in supplying these lubricants to exactly match what you want. We have a very wide product range for industry. Everything is in our own, managed stocks and is therefore available on demand, including in individual packaging. In emergencies we can even deliver within a couple of hours. It is easy to contact us. Short lines of communication with our technical staff and the sales department ensure that your enquiries and orders are dealt with quickly.

Permisynth 220 Foodcare
Agealube Food-approved Products

We closely follow the latest developments in the field of industrial lubricants. This means that special products, for the food industry for example, are easily available. For this industry, Agealube has food-grade products in its range. You can find these by checking ‘Food-grade’ in the menu.

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A sample from Agealube’s assortment for industry

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Agealube is represented in the Benelux by GVG Oliehandel BV. See our website

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