Eco Heat: Completely fossil-free fuel for diesel burners and heaters.

100% fossil-free heat everywhere and no less than 89% CO2 reduction thanks to Agealube Eco Heat. A heating fuel that has been specially developed as a clean alternative for any equipment that normally uses diesel. Eco Heat makes the job cleaner and safer, and switching over is no problem!

Agealube Eco Diesel Grafiek

Heating without diesel

A completely fossil-free alternative for weed control, professional cleaning, space heating, etc. Eco Heat lets you get the most out of your diesel burner or diesel heater while cutting carbon by 89%. Suitable for all applications that use diesel for heating.


  • Not a hazardous (ADR) substance, no flame symbol
  • 100% fossil free
  • 89% CO2 reduction
  • No diesel odour
  • Hardly any harmful exhaust gases
  • Hassle-free switching
  • Long storage life
  • From 20L to 1000L

Eco Heat

Various uses

Eco Heat has been specially developed as a 100% fossil-free alternative for diesel burners and heaters. This means that wherever you currently use diesel for heating, our Eco Heat offers a cleaner, better and safer alternative. This opens up many possibilities, especially if you are looking for a 100% fossil-free alternative for any of the following applications:

Weed control

For fossil-free hot water weed control. Perfect for weed control machinery.


For fossil-free cleaning of surfaces using steam or hot water. Perfect for steam cleaners.

Space heating

For fossil-free warm air or infrared space heating. Perfect for diesel heaters and infrared heaters by Eurom, Airrex and Master.

Parking heaters

For fossil-free heating of small spaces. Perfect for parking heaters, for example by Webasto or Eberspächer, in vehicles (including EVs), trucks and machinery cabins.

Heating of buildings

For fossil-free heating of buildings. Perfect for oil-fired central heating systems currently running on heating oil.

No flame symbol, no ADR

The first thing you notice is that there is no flame symbol on the Agealube Eco Heat label. This is because the specially developed formula is not hazardous and is therefore not subject to ADR provisions. This not only emphasises the safety of the product, it also means no special measures are required to transport it. In addition, storage only requires a simple drip tray. This makes Eco Heat a much safer, cleaner and easier choice.

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Hassle-free switching

Switching to Agealube Eco Heat is easy. Thanks to its unique formula, you can start using it immediately without hassle or compatibility issues. Simply fill your fuel tank with Eco Heat instead of diesel and you’re good to go. From that moment, you’ll be able to heat 100% fossil-free and cut your carbon emissions by up to 89%.

In collaboration with institutes such as HAN University of Applied Sciences, the product has undergone extensive testing; thus, you can switch your diesel burner, heater, or furnace to Eco Heat without any problems.

The smallest carbon footprint

To guarantee the quality and emissions of our product, we have compared it with various other fuels. We used the same test for each fuel: heating 1000 litres of water to exactly 100ºC.

The table below shows the results, which clearly show that Agealube Eco Heat is the cleanest option and leaves the smallest carbon footprint!

Other emissions and benefits

Agealube Eco Heat is the eco-friendly heating fuel with the smallest carbon footprint. But besides these important properties, Eco Heat offers even more benefits when it comes to emissions, product and machinery.

  • Soot reduction 33%
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) reduction 31%
  • Hydrocarbons (HC) reduction 65%
  • Fine particulate matter reduction 33%
  • No sulphur emissions
  • Reduction in Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH)
  • Reduced exhaust gas odour
Properties of the product
  • Not harmful to aquatic organisms
  • Non-toxic
  • Frost resistant (<-20ºC)
  • Extremely long storage life
  • Less chance of bacteria formation
  • Water-repellent (not hygroscopic)
Advantages for machinery
  • Very soot or other deposits in the boiler
  • Longer boiler service life (no sulphur oxides etc.)
  • Better long-term yield (better heat transfer)
  • Lower fuel consumption (in the long term)

Fill up anywhere

For anyone needing small containers, Agealube Eco Heat is available in 20L jerry cans. However, if you are interested in greater volumes, it may be worth considering an Eco Tank Set. Our Eco Tank Sets let you fill up with Eco Heat at your convenience. We can help you decide which tank set is most suitable for you according to your wishes and requirements. Before you know it, you will be enjoying hassle-free refuelling at the location of your choice, whenever you want.

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Buying Eco Heat

Eco Heat can be bought in 20L jerry cans from your local Agealube sales outlet. In addition, Eco Heat is available in 200L barrels and 1000L containers fitted with a pumping system. Enquire at your Agealube outlet for pricing and delivery information or call us directly on +31(0)24 675 43 61.

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