Eco Tank Set: tank solutions in all sizes

Fill up conveniently with clean Agealube fuel without having to worry about logistics or stock. This can now be done with the Agealube Eco Tank Set! If you’d rather not sacrifice quality and functionality, choose an Agealube custom tank solution. It’s all 100% set up properly and tailored to your needs.

Agealube Eco Diesel Grafiek

Everything set up properly

The Agealube Eco Tank Set is a total refuelling solution. It is a kind of mini filling station that comes in a range of models and can be adjusted to meet your needs. It lets you conveniently fill up at your own small filling station at the location of your choice. Whether you want to fill up at a construction site, on your own premises, or somewhere off-grid requiring solar power, the possibilities are endless with an Agealube Eco Tanks Set.


  • Carbon-neutral work
  • Fill up anywhere
  • No more running out of fuel
  • No permit, inspections or certified floor required
  • No need to invest in an expensive fuel pump
  • No chance of bacteria formation

The versions

We are happy to help you see which Eco Tank Set best suits you and your situation. For instance, if you often top up smaller machines and vehicles, then the version featuring 2 x 200L barrels is perfect for you. But if you wish to be able to top up larger machinery and vehicles conveniently without a drip tray or other hassle, then the Eco Tank Set with 2 x 1000L double-skinned IBCs is perfect for you. Whether we’re talking large or small volumes, we are happy to come up with a fitting solution for any situation.


We will help you choose the perfect Eco Tank Set based on your requirements and consumption. If you’d like to know which size may be suitable for you, check out the table below or contact us. We will be happy to help you find the most suitable Eco Tank Set.

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Filling up on solar power

For anyone who wishes to work completely sustainably and flexibly, we also offer a solar-powered Agealube Eco Tank Set! Our Eco Solar Tank Set is fitted with solar panels that recharge the battery. The power is then used to power the fuel pump. This means even the electricity is 100% sustainable! And as you do not have to rely on a power outlet, you really can place the Eco Solar Tank Set wherever you want. So now you can fill up with clean fuel even in the most remote spots. This makes working in an eco-friendly way not only good for the environment but also convenient for you.

How it works

Working with an Agealube Eco Tank Set is extremely straightforward. Below, have broken the whole process down into a few steps:

  1. Order your chosen Eco Tank Set
  2. The Eco Tank Set is delivered with two full tanks/barrels
  3. You can start filling up right away.
  4. When the first tank is empty, call and order a new one right away
  5. Continue filling up from the second tank
  6. Within 24 hours, you have a new, full tank on site
  7. We take the empty tank back

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The products

Agealube Eco Tank Sets are suitable for Agealube fuels. These are Agealube Eco Diesel Green and Agealube Eco Heat. Caution: an Agealube Eco Tank Set is not suitable for petrol.

Agealube Eco Diesel Green

  • 100% fossil-free diesel fuel
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions by 89%
  • No problems starting, even after being left unused for long periods
  • Keeps engines clean

View the Eco Diesel Green

Agealube Eco Heat

  • 100% fossil-free heating fuel
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions by 89%
  • The perfect alternative to diesel, without a flame symbol so not ADR
  • No odour nuisance

View the Eco Heat

Find out more about the Eco Tank Set

If you are interested in the possibilities that the Agealube Eco Tank Set can offer you, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to share our ideas!

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