Eco Diesel Green

Clean diesel for all diesel engines

Product category: Fuels

Use: Green business

Product specifications in brief:
EUR: EN 15940 | USA: ASTM D975-15c | JAP: JIS K 2204: 2007

Data sheets:
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Clean diesel for all diesel engines, even if the engine is idle for an extended period, ensures that the engine always starts and reduces emissions of harmful substances considerably. Moreover, you will work in a practically odour-free and environmentally responsible manner, because this diesel is made entirely of renewable raw materials.


Complies with the highest demands placed by engine manufacturers, it is suitable for use in all diesel engines and can simply be used in conjunction with regular diesel. In other words, mixing it will have no impact on the operation of the machine. The engine does not need to be modified in any way. Perfect for use as a so-called storage diesel in machines that are only used in season or incidentally, such as emergency generators.

EUR: EN 15940
USA: ASTM D975-15c
JAP: JIS K 2204: 2007


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