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Agealube is a brand of the family company GVG Oliehandel BV, the third generation of the Van Gelder family in the oil business. The first litre of oil was sold as early as 1933. Due to our multi-generational experience, we do know by now that you have to make a difference just where others don’t. And we do that as follows.

From 1-litre packs to bulk shipment

Since products are used in differing situations, we supply virtually every product in quantities from 1-litre packs to bulk shipments. We can offer this because we have all products in our own inventory management.

Quick delivery

By keeping logistics in our own hands, we can also offer quality in terms of our deliveries. Quick deliveries, often within 24 hours! As a result, our clients’ activities do not come to a standstill.

Ecological without technical limitations

These days, it’s no longer only about the product’s maximum technical performance, but the products must cause as little harm to environment and health as possible. Often a difficult combination. Agealube develops products for protecting our living environment, without detracting from their technical qualities.

Snelle levering

Waarom kiezen mensen voor Agealube?

Advice at any moment

Sometimes clients need an immediate answer to their question, because otherwise they cannot go any further. Therefore we are always available to give the right lubricant advice straight away. Simply by telephone: +31 (0)24 675 43 61.

Low prices

And of course, we keep our prices as low as possible. We deliver directly to large-scale end users, and we maintain low margins.

For whom is Agealube intended?

For anyone who sometimes uses lubricating oil, grease or a professional cleaner. Agealube has virtually all imaginable oil products and oil-related products in its range. We directly supply professionals and wholesalers who buy large quantities of oil.


In shops, Agealube products for private individuals predominate on the shelves. Those are mainly chain stores which specialise in articles in the sphere of outdoor life, but also filling stations, for example.


Every brand and type of car requires a certain oil. We supply these in small packs and in bulk to garages.


Large transport companies usually have their own workplaces for maintaining the vehicles. We often deliver the oil in large packs and bulk.

Agriculture and Earth-moving companies

These companies have large machinery, trucks and tractors that need oil. Usually in large packs and bulk.

Original Equipment Manufacturers

These companies in the manufacturing industry are often seeking very high-quality, special lubricants. From small packs to bulk.

Other industries

There are numerous companies which use one or several Agealube products in large quantities.


To wholesalers who are seeking a special oil product for their clients, we recommend Agealube. We support them with advice and service.

Specialist dealers

Agealube products are on the shelves at specialist dealers. For example, in gardening and park machine shops, ironmongers and machine rental companies. For the professional and for the private individual.

Gardens, Parks and Forestry

Agealube offers a special range of lubricants and cleaning agents for garden, park and forestry machinery. In large and small packs. For professional and private use.

Want to know more about the company behind Agealube?

Are you wanting to learn more about the company behind Agealube or would you like to know more about what we can mean for you, then visit the GVG Oliehandel B.V. website.

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Agealube is represented in the Benelux by GVG Oliehandel BV. See our website www.gvgoliehandel.nl

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